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released November 28, 2011

DIES: Scalene ©2011 Dies

All songs written by Josh Dies and arranged, performed and recorded by Josh Dies and Dillon Redmond. Music mixing, mastering and additional songwriting by Dillon Redmond. Vocals mixed and mastered by Mike Jensen.

package design by Peter Rollo. Illustrations by David Daughtery. Art direction by Josh Dies and Peter Rollo.



all rights reserved


Dies Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: A Mute Idol
let's pull the flags down from their poles and bury them in the sand
their lengthy shadows over us make poisonous demands
won over by their offers, both shallow and profane
and ignorant, blind loyalty will bow beneath disdain

oh my God, they're bringing us down to our knees
taught to eat out of their hands under the threat of reprimand
tricked into thinking that all of our freedom stands
upon the evil doctrine of killing for a piece of land

and as all vanity that we once worshipped is undone
we're baffled that we once believed that freedom can be bought with guns
we've venerated murderers as keepers of the peace
the kingship of imperfect men perverted our beliefs

men make oaths to idols made of cloth, star strangled though they be
held captive by this plastic freedom for so long we forgot what it means
that a terrifying truth is the same truth that sets us free
deliver us from the tyranny of the patriot's idolatry
Track Name: Pilgrim's Regress
you tempt me with comfort
you know it's hard for me to be
yet you insist on calling out "come and sit down next to me"
part of my soul is getting old
the other part is frantic
you keep both of them company and calm me in my panic

so i've decided to relinquish my distress
it seems to make a lot more sense to enter into rest
i don't suppose the very worst effects our sanity
i think that after everything it'll still be you and me

i suppose i behave like a fool
it's true i can't calm down
you keep up with my mishaps each time i come around
i frustrate your lists and plans
you complicate my carelessness
i challenge your theology
you handicap my regress
i guess i don't know a lot
maybe neither of us do
but i'm content with finding out as i walk along with you
Track Name: Meticulous Providence
you make mention of our lack of value
only to deride the hold that it has over you
and alleviate all of your responsibility
because only what's been predestined will eventually be
we fulfill no need, we're on puppet strings
just a patronizing pantomime he allows us to believe
does God love a world with no choice to discern?
some of us go through his motions and some of us arbitrarily burn

conflicted with the grand designs that presuppose my steps
they drain love's authenticity and level what stands left
all along the forest's edge the flame consumes the wood
then blame every evil broken thing on someone good

i am frustrated with my lack of control
just a helpless, sad spectator watching fate as it unfolds
all the evil that i do was written out before time
and though God orchestrates my actions all the fault is still mine
down through the ages the "elect" have crossed a line
thinking we can't be significant if God is so divine
created in our image a maniac we can trust
afraid to think it's possible that God has left some choices to us
Track Name: Alone Among God's Primates
beware the beast of man, for he grows the devil's seed
alone among god's primates, he kills for sport, or lust or greed
he kills his brother to possess his brother's land
the innocent are killed and shackled under his command

shun him, drive him back into his jungle lair
fear him for he is the harbinger of death
subvert his empire, subvert his rule
alone among god's primate's, man is born a fool

he maketh a desert of all the earth
he maketh a desert of his own home
not satisfied with any amount of power
he wipes out all of creation and leaves himself alone
Track Name: Viddy Well, Brother
i seem to recall you were against your circumstances
somewhere in atlanta where your dad liked to drink
headed south of savannah with an acquired testimony
put some passion up against it and it really makes you think
as for me, i am languishing out on the road in kansas
a tangled mess of highways and yet i'm in good health
are you still caught in the snake pit with those men inside their suits?
not celebrating heaven the way they're selling hell

those disciples of john calvin love to tell you're predestined
for the pews and sanctuary and that life is always fair
because automatons are preprogrammed and crushed beneath God's thumb
and if your children go to hell it's God who put them there

sure they tell you to test everything, but maybe not what they say
after all, they are entitled to respect
they beat on with the stick of tradition
and let it hang over your head so that you'll fear God, lest you forget

all this talk of circuitry becomes somewhat convincing
when i hear the words of other men sewn ill-fitting to your tongue
you sound as though you desperately want to believe them
but God's sovereignty leaves you no room to question them or run

resurrect the witch hunt to put shackles on their enemies
to build an ivory tower out of subjective theology
the heretics are everywhere, the heathenistic hoards
get locked outside the pearly gates and guarded with a flaming sword
Track Name: The Last Enemy to be Destroyed is Death
on a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero
one day those that you love the most will take their final breath
and some will look on and say that God has a plan, and this was his will
but we will say that God's plan has always been to destroy death

it turns out there are very few things that you leave behind
the world and our bodies were both created by you
you'd rather restore them than leave them both behind
you'd rather right the wrongs
you'd rather make everything new

i guess i used to think that one day God would smash the world
and we'd all get white robes and go to live with him in the clouds
i said "my body is a shell" and i thought that it would break
because in heaven bodies aren't allowed
Track Name: Soldiers and Cops
it's adorable the way you think so highly of a villain's life
well son you may not love as good when they point a gun right at your wife
it's all well and good to hypothesize that love can conquer strife
but you can keep turn the other cheek and i'll hold on to this knife

blessed are the handguns, blessed is the lead
blessed are the bullets that we fire in our enemies heads
blessed are the soldiers, blessed are the cops
blessed is the echo that rings out after each shot

you've got a funny way of showing love to folks that don't deserve it
should i show respect to the life of someone that does not preserve it?
that sermon said up on that mount can't be as literal as you make it
if someone breaks into my home with their life, best believe i'm gonna take it

the peacemakers can have their peace, let's see how far it gets them
they sacrifice themselves for love and everyone forgets them
Track Name: Son of the Fly
my baby is having a baby and that baby is mine
we been fooling around for a while so i guess it was just a matter of time
lately i been thinking, what if my baby is just like me?
not much of a man anymore, but an insect where the man used to be

going to make an honest woman out of her
going to raise my baby right
even if there's not much of me left by then
even though i'm turning into a fly

i was going to change the world with science
but now science is changing me
i been climbing the walls of my apartment and puking on the things i eat
my baby don't come around much
she rarely comes my way
maybe i scared her off when i said i'd hurt her if she stayed
Track Name: Marana Tha!
did you mean for us to get so comfortable?
all locked up in our homes inside the shadow of a flagpole
we want to make the cost of the cross affordable
and the empire you subverted swallows your people whole

oh you make good on all your promises
we know that it's true
so Jesus make us desperate for you
we want to see the day when you wipe our tears away
so ready us somehow
let us see that day right now

Constantine saw the rebels and decided to pervert them
he put crosses on his swords and turned them over to invert them
when Peter said he'd follow you even to death he wasn't ready yet
but you remember the things that we forget

hosanna, make everything new
all of creation groans for you